Monday, January 26, 2015

Redneckology #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

Have you ever heard the phrase?
I'm gonna Redneck the shit outa that. 
Redneckology, The Barrel Book #horse Book publishing rights 4sale by owner 10k 

For whatever reason I've made plastic barrels my medium for creation.
I've been told I should patent some of these ideas.
Personally I'd rather share them in a book with other folks like myself  n help them save a little money.

Though if some company would like to buy one of these ideas, they would find me very reasonable n helpful.
10k will buy the rights to any idea you like in this book.

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The barrels I use for all of these projects are the used plastic 55 gallon (gotta check that #) barrels you can get at grain elevators. My understanding is that these are from dairy farms n had Iodine teat dip n other cleaning products used in milk production.

Single Horse Hay Feeder

Single Horse Hay Feeder

Each feeder takes roughly 3 to 4 hrs to make.
pictures of this process will be in Single Horse Hay Feeder chapter.

The Ultimate in ease of use Horse Poop Cart.

This book will be about all the ways I've found to use plastic barrels. I will give step by step photo directions for each creation.

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